Supporting Our Military & Veterans

  • Voted to reform the VA and hold its employees accountable for the way they treat our heroes
  • Increase troop pay and give them greater resources to protect us at home and abroad
  • Supported increased funding for mental health initiatives and efforts to combat PTSD in our veteran community
  • Led the effort to provide grant money for programs that help veterans transition from active duty service to civilian life (H.R. 1599, 2019)
  • Worked to provide grants for veterans to make it easier for veterans to get service animals (H.R. 3103, 2019)

Creating Jobs

  • Voted to support President Trump’s tax cuts for families and small businesses, putting more money in your pocket and creating more jobs in our communities
  • Supported hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money coming back to Northeast Florida to fund transportation and logistics projects that support tens of thousands of jobs

Making Communities Safer

  • Authored STOP School Violence Act and got it signed into law by President Trump to make our schools safer
  • Voted to fund building President Trump’s border wall, secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws
  • Supported protecting our coastal waters and banning oil drilling off the coast of Florida

Promoting Our Quality of Life

  • Worked to protect our beaches, ocean, and waterways from offshore drilling
  • Fought for funding to rebuild our communities in the wake of deadly hurricanes

Improving Our Healthcare System

  • Fought for lower treatment and premium costs across the board
  • Protect pre-existing condition coverage
  • Fought for dependents to stay on parents’ insurance until age 26
  • Lower prescription drug costs for everyone
  • Supported President Trump’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices for seniors